Process Effectiveness

Institutions, such as e.g. Banks, frequently work with convoluted and ineffective processes including duplicated and otherwise superfluous tasks. Popular “remedies” include digitization and outsourcing.
Unfortunately, such “remedies”, while considered modern and cutting edge, do not solve but simply mask underlying issues and can lead to exacerbating problems. Pre-requisites for successful digitization and outsourcing are clean and simplified processes.
While time consuming and unappealing, completing thorough end to end process reviews with key stakeholders are essential steps to establishing clean and simple processes that are fit for successful digitization and outsourcing projects.

Services offered:

  • Guiding the analysis of status quo processes
  • Moderating discovery journeys
  • Recommending areas / steps for improvement

Why TK Asia Consult?

Through the various COO roles Torsten has accumulated a wealth of experience in evaluating processes and driving key stakeholders to adopting simplified and cleaner processes. He uses a practical, common sense approach that appeals to a broad array of stakeholders and leads to rapid, tangible results. 

Please contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to support you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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