Market Strategy

Growing a business often involves entering a new market. Identifying the appropriate next market, understanding the opportunity, the respective intricacies etc. can be a daunting task especially for smaller companies. Based on extensive experience in a multitude of Asian markets, TK Asia Consult is well positioned to help develop and implement market strategies as well as supporting business cases.

Services offered:

  • Analysis of appropriate markets
  • Development of business cases
  • Support in implementing business cases

Why TK Asia Consult?

In his longstanding career, Torsten has developed and successfully implemented new market strategies, both within a banking as well as a vendor environment. This experience together with his in-depth knowledge of multiple Asian markets – not only, but explicitly including Japan – creates a solid background for him to advise companies on promising market strategies. 

Please contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to support you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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