Equipped with over 30 years’ experience in Front- and Backoffice divisions of international Banks, TK Asia Consult is well positioned to provide practical consulting for a broad range of Financial Services topics.

Areas of expertise

FinTech & RegTech Support

Cutting edge technology is being developed by a multitude of FinTechs & RegTechs ranging from start-up’s to mid-sized companies. Many of these companies, however, lack the experience in the Financial Industry and therefore find it difficult to develop/enhance compelling use cases to sell to and/or co-operate with Financial Institutions.

Services offered:

  • Review of underlying offering
  • Product & Service alignment with FI needs
  • Preparation for key client pitches
  • Introductions to relevant stakeholders

Account Management

Sales driven by technology pitches are the norm for many FinTechs & RegTechs. While this is a viable approach in the start-up phase, it has its limitations. Building  a client centric Account Management concept is key to developing core and more senior client relationships which in turn are required to deepen the involvement in clients’ value chains.

Services offered:

  • Analysis of (client needs driven) sales approach 
  • Review of sales material
  • Helping build stakeholder maps
  • Coaching staff in senior stakeholder engagement

Market Strategy

Growing a business often involves entering a new market. Identifying the appropriate next market, understanding the inherent opportunities and the respective intricacies can be a daunting task especially for smaller companies. Based on extensive experience in a multitude of Asian markets, TK Asia Consult is well positioned to help develop and implement market strategies as well as supporting Business cases.  

Services offered:

  • Analysis of appropriate markets
  • Development of Business cases
  • Support in implementing Business cases   

Process Effectiveness

Institutions, such as Banks, frequently work with convoluted and ineffective processes including duplicate and otherwise superfluous tasks. Popular “remedies” include digitization and outsourcing.

Unfortunately, such “remedies”, while considered modern and cutting edge, do not solve but simply mask underlying issues and can lead to exacerbating problems. Pre-requisites for successful digitization and outsourcing are clean and simplified processes.

While time consuming and unappealing, completing thorough end to end process reviews with key stakeholders are essential steps to establishing clean and simple processes that are fit for successful digitization and outsourcing projects.

Services offered:

  • Guiding the analysis of status quo processes
  • Moderating discovery journeys
  • Recommending areas / steps for improvement

Please contact us for a discussion on how we might be able to support you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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